Cell Line Development
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  GPEx® - Gene Product Expression Technology
Higher Speed HIgher Yield Higher Versatility
  GPEx® is Gala Biotech’s core proprietary Gene Product Expression technology.  GPEx® offers several distinct advantages over over conventional gene insertion methods:
  • Efficient covalent insertion of single copies of target sequences
  • Multiple insertion events into transcriptionally active regions of the genome
  • Transformation of virtually any mammalian cell line
  • Unique technology/IP for producing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
  • High expression levels, cell line stability and significantly reduced development time
  Learn more about the GPEx® Advantages

Higher Speed
Turn cDNA or genomic DNA into a stable production cell line in 6 months!

  Higher Yield
Higher yielding cell lines mean lower production costs.
  Higher Versatility
Applicable to multigenetic genes and splice variant analysis.
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