Cell Line Development
cGMP Manufacturing
  GPEx® Advantage: The High Speed Solution
Higher Speed HIgher Yield Higher Versatility
  Using conventional gene insertion and expression techniques, developing a stable production cell line for a target protein can take as long as 18 months. GPEx® overcomes the inefficiencies of conventional systems and delivers a stable production cell line for your target protein in as little as 5-6 months.

  GPEx® generates stable cell lines from the outset
  Short Cut to Stable Cell Lines
  The secret is the GPEx® retrovector technology - a proprietary pseudotyped, high-titer vector which ensures that stable transductions occur in virtually 100% of target cells (CHO, 293). This eliminates the need for selectable markers, saving time and cost. In contrast, conventional transfection or electroporation methods can produce an insertion frequency as low as 1 out of every 100,000 cells, necessitating additional selection steps and selectable marker genes. They also carry the risk of gene excision or silencing, making them relatively unstable. Virtually any cDNA can be packaged into Gala’s GPEx® retrovector and used to infect your choice of mammalian cell lines. This technology produces a stable clonal cell line in about four months for proof of concept studies. High producing cell lines suitable for master cell banking and subsequent cGMP production are obtained less than six months after receipt of your cDNA. With GPEx®, stable transduced cell lines are produced from the outset, such that optimized cell lines can be used for gram-scale production of your target protein in as little as 6 months after we receive your cDNA.
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