Cell Line Development
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  GPEx® Advantage: The Versatile Solution
Higher Speed HIgher Yield Higher Versatility
  Multigenic Applications
  Bicistronic GPEx® Retrovector
  GPEx® is ideal for multigenic gene expression applications:
  • Antibody heavy chain and light chain co-expression
  • A receptor, co-expressed with a secreted surrogate
  • A protein, co-expressed with its processing enzyme
GPEx® has several key advantages in bicistronic (and multicistronic) applications. Because the two genes are carried and inserted by a single retrovector, the need for multiple selectable markers is avoided. Further, the co-expression of the genes ensures stoichiometrically desirable ratios of the gene products for optimal expression and activity, and higher yields in production and purification.
  Antibody Production
  The GPEx® system has been designed specifically for optimal expression of virtually any IgG antibody.  The system allows full-length antibodies of Fab fragments, chimeric antibodies, antibody fusions, single-chain antibodies and variable regions identified from antibody screening protocols to be inserted into the GPEx® retrovectors for cell line creation and subsequent antibody production.

Backbone vectors containing the gamma constant region for human IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, or IgG4 and light chain kappa or lambda constant regions allow fusion of DNA sequence encoding IgG variable regions to any constant regions in the Bicistronic GPEx® Retrovector.  These constant regions can be mixed and matched to produce any IgG molecule desired.
  Splice Variant Analysis
  Most genes carry introns - non-coding sequences between coding regions or exons - that are generally spliced out of mRNA prior to its translation into proteins. Some studies suggest, however, that for up to 30% of genes, alternative splicing occurs, such as intron retention or exon skipping, extension or truncation. These variants are known as splice variants and provide a mechanism whereby one gene can produce several related but distinct proteins, some of which may be therapeutically relevant.

GPEx® enables production of retrovectors carrying discrete splice variants, leading to cell lines that produce proteins specific for each splice variant.

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